2019 Radio Testing

Located in the Horticulture Building

Bob Burns W9BU will be providing radio testing

Buy It, Test It

 Have you ever bought a used piece of equipment at a hamfest and the seller told you, “It worked the last me I used it”? You get it home, power it up, and the display doesn’t light up.  Or do you just want to get the radio you brought to the Hamfest tested?

W9BU will staff a “Buy It, Test It” bench located in the Horticulture building with all the Clubs on the north side of the Hamfest. Along with a Spectrum Analyzer to check for center frequency and spurious emissions, the bench will contain very basic test tools such as power supplies, power meter, dummy load, voltmeter, and a speaker that the current owner can use to test purchases before leaving the hamfest.


The owner must be present before any testing is allowed. W9BU and the Indianapolis Hamfest will not be held responsible if damage occurs and will not mediate any seller/buyer dispute based on test results.

W9BU Radio Testing